Zombie Viking Horsemen Ranger Axe

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A true one of a kind masterpiece! The Zombie Viking Horsemen Ranger Axe features axe and sword wielding undead vikings on their trusty horses. Their pillaging continues long after their demise. The detail and bold color on this piece is incredible, from the blue-gray night sky to the burning orange down the handle. Hang this on the wall or mantle and watch the heads turn.

This hand painted Ranger axe is one of of kind. Our friend and amazingly talented artist, Quintyn Zilembo, created this beautiful piece of functional art! The handle is wood burned by hand then hand painted using oil paints and finished with a polyurethane clear coat. This axe features a 28" curved American hickory handle and a FNC treated steel head.

Only one of these was created so when it's gone, it's gone!

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