The Greatest Glory Raptor Axe

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This hand painted Raptor axe is one of of kind. Our friend and incredible artist, Quintyn Zilembo, created this beautiful piece of functional art! The handle is wood burned by hand then hand painted using oil paints and finished with a polyurethane clear coat. This axe features a 28" straight American hickory handle, blackened FNC (ferritic nitrocarburizing) steel head, and custom fit black leather sheath.

This axe is full of amazing detail!. The art work depicts Abraham Lincoln wiping his brow while splitting a log above the majestic American bald eagle. The lower portion of the handle has the beautiful red, white and blue of our stars and stripes. On the other side, the inscription reads, "The Greatest Glory In Living Lies Not In Never Failing But In Rising Every Time We Fall".

Only one of these was created so when it's gone, it's gone!

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