Survivalist Hatchet - Serve & Protect

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*Sheath included with the Survivalist Hatchet*

Our Limited Edition Etched Series. These are precision laser engraved editions of our popular hatchets and tire thumpers. We do a limited run of these designs, so grab them while you can!

Hardcore Survivalist Hatchet, 19oz head on 18″ American Hickory curved handle, includes custom made leather sheath.

This is it. This is the culmination of all we’ve learned about the craft of tool making. And we believe it’s the pinnacle of hatchet design. Made from top quality 4140 tool steel (AKA “Ordnance steel” because it’s commonly used for making breech and barrel parts for guns and cannons) for both toughness and edge retention, and ground to within a +/-.005″ tolerance, we designed the curved blade for both optimal cutting and splitting wood. We’ve also incorporated a nail/tent stake puller and the hammer end (of course) has our patented recessed striking face. At 19oz on an 18″ handle, it’s perfectly balanced for any job, whether it’s pounding nails, chopping and splitting firewood, or fending off the impending zombie apocalypse. (Cause we all know its coming. And now it’s official Kansas preparedness policy. True story!) This premium hatchet cuts like a full size axe yet is small enough to fit in a backpack. It comes with a top quality custom fitted leather sheath.

Weight: 40 oz.
Dimensions: 17.5 x 6 x 2 in.
Head Weight: 19 oz.
Handle Length: 18 in.

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