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Old Papi's Tool Lube

$7.99 (USD)
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Product Details
Brand: Hardcore Hammers

Old Papi’s Tool Lube is an all-natural formula engineered to be a total tool maintenance solution. Use it for everything from rust protection to wood handle conditioning. “Don’t be a fool, lube your tool!”

Our tool lube helps prevent rust on metal tool heads and parts. It also serves as an excellent wood handle conditioner, penetrating deep into wood handles to protect and preserve them.

Non-hazardous proprietary blend of penetrating solvents, conditioning oils, and corrosion protectants.

Old Papi knew a thing or two about axes. And he certainly kept all of his tools in top notch condition. He even made is own "Secret Sauce", a tool lube he put on everything! It would not only keep metal from rusting, but penetrate and condition wood fibers! Old Papi's axes would endure the harshest conditions, and keep on swinging! You could even find him using his "Secret Sauce" on his leather goods and just about anything else in the shop that needed to be lubed from gears to squeaky wheels.

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