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Factory 2nds - 21oz. Blunt Force

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These are models that have slight imperfections. This is our Blunt Force Hammer (smooth face) with the 21oz head. They are fully functional, but do have some cosmetic defects. Some have blemishes from training new employees or cosmetic imperfections in the steel from the foundry. They are cleaned up as much as possible. We put these on a brand new handle using our same wood and barrel wedge techniques.

Cosmetic defects can include: Over grinding, blemished steel, dimpled steel, magnet(s) missing. See the photos for examples of the cosmetic defects. The photos show some of the more noticeable cosmetic issues.

**Factory 2nds are not available for custom engraving**

The Blunt Force Hammer
• 21oz. investment cast 4140 American steel head
• 18 inch Grade A American Hickory Handle
• Smooth face (finish style)

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