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F-Around Cerakote Raptor Axe

$500 (USD)
In stock
Product Details

Limited Edition!

This specialty Raptor Axe IS Americana! has a Cerakote coated design on the head with a "We The People" design on the front and the back features an American flag style back with the Gadsdens snake and stars in white and a continental soldier silhouette. The matte black American hickory handle has the Hardcore Hammers logo engraved with our blackout style and the back features a natural engraving reading, "Fuck Around & Find Out."

The head a 3lb. 4140 steel with the artistic design in a Cerakote coating. The 28" natural American hickory is finished in matte black with the laser engraving done through the finish to expose the natural wood. The axe includes a top grain leather sheath.

Proudly made in the USA.

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