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Blackout Blunt Force Hammer

$109.99 (USD)
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Product Details
Brand: Hardcore Hammers

The Blackout Blunt Force Hammer Head takes the super tough, blackened Hardcore Hammer head to a new level. The matte black finished American hickory handle engraved with our logo pairs perfectly with the blackened, FNC treated head. The sleek look is a great addition to our line of premium American made hammers.


Our Blackened Blunt Force Hammer head is even tougher with FNC! The FNC (Ferritic Nitrocarburizing) process uses heat, nitrogen and carbon to toughen up the surface of our 4140 steel, improving its durability, appearance and corrosion resistance.

The Blunt Force Hammer
• 21oz. investment cast 4140 American steel head
• 18 inch Grade A American Hickory Handle
• Smooth hammer face

We’ve made a few improvements to the original design, with the intent of making this hammer even more versatile and user friendly than before. We’ve lengthened and widened the claw to allow a greater variety of nails to fit (both smaller trim nails and larger), we’ve repositioned the magnet placement to allow better grip of nails for one handed nail starting, as well as to allow the bottom magnet to accept duplex nails used in concrete form work. Also, we improved the draft on the inside of the hammer eye for a better handle/head connection to reduce the possibility of the head loosening. We then beefed up the the size of the head by 2 oz, to make the new version 21oz instead of 19oz, for greater striking force while maintaining excellent balance and feel during use. We truly hope you will enjoy these new improvements and and feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions or comments.

Head is 21 oz 4140 steel, FNC treated.
Handle is 18 inches.

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