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Blackened Full Orange Original HARDCORE Hammer 2.0

$114 (USD)
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Brand: Hardcore Hammers

* Limited Run *

We're doing some more testing with some possible new additions to our line! We've got a limited amount of these strikingly bold Full Burnt Orange finished hammers. These hammers feature our Blackened Original Hardcore Hammer 2.0 head. The FNC (Ferritic Nitrocarburizing) process uses heat, nitrogen and carbon to toughen up the surface of our 4140 steel, improving its durability, appearance and corrosion resistance. This head is on a full Burnt Orange finished Grade A American hickory handle.

The Original Hardcore Hammer Model 2.0
• 21oz. investment cast 4140 American steel head
• 18 inch Grade A American Hickory Handle
• Patented waffled insert

Head is 21 oz. Handle is 18 inches.

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